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About A&A Transportation
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About A&A Transportation

A History Of Dependable Service

A&A Transportation is a dependable and ethical non-asset-based 3PL that provides exceptional customer service to both shippers and carriers alike. With our wide variety of approved carriers along with our in-depth knowledge of produce commodities, we are able to maintain the highest level of service possible. Life changes rapidly and so can your needs. We understand that shipping requirements can rapidly change before, during, or after transit, so we provide resources to cater to those needs for shippers and carriers as they happen in real-time. Our large capacity of carriers gives our customers a competitive advantage, while our volume of shipments from those customers gives our carriers unlimited opportunity. This is what makes A&A Transportation so easy to work with.

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We can help solve your biggest challenges

As a 3PL that specializes in refrigerated produce, we assist our customers in moving parishable goods to thier destination both on time and at affordable rates. We provide transportation resources for a variety of customers, from small companies to Fortune 500 sized organizations. Our drive to exceed customer expectations while providing the best, most dependable service is what sets us apart.

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We can help solve your biggest challenges
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As a contract carrier, you’ll be a trusted member of our network. Our registration process is fast and easy, so you can hit the road with the loads and rates you prefer as quickly as possible.

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Excellent Company, Quality Service


The Great TASTE OF TEXAS, LLC has been doing business with A&A Transportation in San Antonio, TX since 1997.  In my company’s 25 years of doing business with “A&A” we consider “A&A” to be a valuable partner in servicing our transportation needs.  They use long time dedicated carriers who have reliable equipment and communicate well.  Their dispatchers are always available and provide outstanding customer service.  Though there are many transportation brokerages throughout the United States, it is rare to find a company that operates with such a high degree of integrity in all aspects of their business.

I whole heartedly recommend A&A Transportation to any business that is in need of quality transportation services.

Frank G. Davis
President, the Great TASTE OF TEXAS, LLC

A&A are not only great people but also great truck brokers. I have been dealing with them for over 20 years I Highly recommend them they get the job done.

Jeff Cox
Avocado Love

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